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“Greenhill” is a single released in October; Keyte recently dropped a new single, “Gilian”; both songs are slated to appear on a forthcoming LP, and both are available via Bandcamp. The new album will be her second; her first, Melaleuca, was released in 2017, and can also be found on Bandcamp. And if the drums lead the way into the Warpaint sound, the guitars close the sale. First your ear will note an unhurried, circular riff (shortly past the 30-second mark) that sounds acoustic. It stays for a while, leaves, comes back, never drawing too much attention to itself.

  • The subject is one the parties in the Gemini and Scorpio love match can’t see eye-to-eye.
  • From the start, children need dedicated parents who serve as good role models.
  • It would’ve been so easy to turn Chris into an uncaring douche but the author didn’t take the easy way out.

Then the call came from Robert Stigwood requesting songs for a movie he was producing. The Bee Gees obliged and gave him five songs, one of which was “How Deep Is Your Love”. This track was written mainly by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. Barry worked out the melody with keyboard player Blue Weaver, though he is not credited officially as a songwriter here. I don’t often read books about marriages in shambles, so it was really refreshing to read something different. Although this book was very over the top and unrealistic at times, I think this book had some really thoughtful and heartwarming elements.


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If any DJ ever complains that they are not appreciated, ask them to play ‘Thank You Mr DJ or I’m in Love and shut up. It’s that lonely moment when radio is your only companion and all you have to do is surrender to the DJ’s disc. Tikibadiye, that’s what many hear Papa Wemba say in this 1995 hit.

Gemini is one Scorpio will force into adulthood. Scorpio is someone Gemini will teach how to embrace the inner child. Despite the lack of common attributes, this duo still finds one another attractive.